What Is .eu?

Posted by eurid on 14/06/10

On 2nd June 2010, the European Parliament played host to an event to highlight and celebrate the work of EURid, the European domain name registrar. The event was attended by a number of MEPs and European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes.

These highlights show just how the .eu domain can be used and why it is an important tool for both business promotion and the European Union.

Commissioner Kroes Explains The Challenges And Opportunities For European Internet Use

Posted by eurid on 07/06/10

During the EURid European Parliament event on 2nd June 2010, Commissioner Neelie Kroes explains her view of the challenges facing Europe relating to internet use and the future opportunities ahead for the .eu domain registry.

We Use .eu To Do Business In Europe!

Posted by eurid on 07/06/10

The annual EURid event in the European Parliament (2nd June 2010) showcased small businesses that are having success and are making innovative use of the .eu domain extension. This short film shows these entrepreneurs and lets them explain their reasons for using .eu.

.eu Shows That You Do Business Across Europe

Posted by eurid on 07/06/10

Marc Van Wesemael, General Manager of EURid, explains why the .eu domain extension is proving more popular each year with businesses across Europe.

.eu Is A Fantastic Marketing Tool With Global Reach

Posted by eurid on 04/06/10

MEP Malcolm Harbour explains his involvement in the founding of EURid and his role in the European Parliament’s developing interest in the internet.

The European Parliament Wants To Keep Citizens Safe Online

Posted by eurid on 04/06/10

United Kingdom MEP, Marina Yannakoudakis, explains why the European Parliament is interested in security online and how domain name providers can be involved in fighting internet crime.

Businesses Can Seize The Benefits Of Being European

Posted by eurid on 04/06/10

Pilar del Castillo MEP, Chair of the European Internet Foundation explains why it is important for Europe to have a branded online identity.

We Are Representing Europe In Asia!

Posted by eurid on 04/06/10

Gundars Grapis, Marketing Manager for Dinamo Riga (a Latvian ice hockey team), explains why using the .eu domain helps to brand his team as European throughout Asia.

Commissioner Kroes Reflects On The Progress Of .eu

Posted by eurid on 03/06/10

At the 2nd June EURid dinner in the European Parliament hosted by Malcolm Harbour MEP, European Commissioner Neelie Kroes delivered the keynote speech. Commissioner Kroes reflected on her new role as Commissioner for the Digital Agenda and the progress made by EURid since creation.

.eu expands your business

Posted by eurid on 02/06/10